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Ms. Smedshammer Spanish 2


Reading Homework:

Due every Monday at the start of class.  Usually a reading requiring notes and complete answers to comprehension questions. I do not accept any late work.

Online Homework:  

To be completed before the start of class Tues/Wed (as scheduled). *Can be done up to 1 week in advance


Every Thursday at the start of class.  Topic announced the Monday of that week.


Bring them with you to every class.  It’s possible that I’ll take an organization grade for bringing your materials to class. Students must stay up to date in their workbooks.  Workbooks may be collected unannounced and the expectation is that students have completed all assigned pages.

Fall Project:

Day of the Dead diorama.  Students will research the holiday and a notable person of Mexican heritage to create a representation of a Day of the Dead scene. Presentation in Spanish.

Spring Project:

Travel blog.  All year students will maintain a large page of notes on Latin American countries and their cultures.  In the spring, students will select one of the countries and will create an online blog, as though they had traveled to that country.  Blog and presentation will be in Spanish.

Final Exams:

            Finals are 20% of your semester grade.  Formula:  (Sem. grade)(.80) + (Exam grade)(.20)=Semester Grade

Extra Credit:

Students are given 2 passes to leave class each semester. Each unused pass is worth 5% on the final exam grade at the end of the semester.  Trips to the nurse and call slips from the office do not require a student to use my passes.  Occasionally I’ll offer an extra credit assignment to the class, but I don’t allow students to do individual extra credit projects.

Missed Class:

            I encourage students to email me for makeup assignments: lsmedshammer.ahs@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us

Students have 2 tutorials to make up work/quizzes missed due to excused absences.  Makeup work is not accepted for unexcused absences.


I sometimes lock tardy students out at the start of class.  Any work or quizzes missed while locked out will be made up during the next tutorial.  Quizzes will have additional questions. Repeated tardies may result in a referral.

Cell Phones: 

I follow the school policy of taking cell phones and turning them in to the office the first time I see them. Occasionally, we will do an in class assignment where cell phones are allowed.



Ideas for helping your student:


Make flashcards Monday night

Isolate words that need extra focus

Make a 2 sided study guide

Review part of the word list every night

Have your parents quiz you the night before exams

Use www.wordreference.com for an online dictionary

Use alone time to say words and verb conjugations aloud

Find a Spanish language program online/TV

Get into Spanish music


Tutor referrals are available (but they charge)



Students need to: 

·        Bring their textbooks and workbooks to class

·        Make-up missed quizzes or tests during the first or second tutorial after the absence (or by arrangement)

·        Make-up work missed due to an excused absence within one week of returning (or by arrangement)

·        Prepare at home for the Thursday/Friday quiz or test

·        Turn in homework at the start of class (the basket)

·        Work in-class until the bell

·        Maintain and bring an organized binder

·        Email me or come to my room during tutorial if they missed class or need help

·       Do work/presentations that are appropriate for the classroom

·       Be in their seats at the bell 




Students will be learning/doing: 

·        Presentations: cooking shows, home/realtor presentations, skits

·        Sing/study lyrics/dance

·        Building a diorama to show an understanding of Day of the Dead and Hispanic art

·        Creating children’s books

·        Creating travel brochures

·        Participate/attend a cultural event in the community

·        Reading authentic texts

·        Responding to teacher questioning

·        Watching segments of movies in Spanish and doing related work

·        Practicing skills with worksheets

·        Creating menus/public service posters

·        Labeling drawings

·        Writing test questions

·        Working cooperatively to teach the class a concept

·        Charades/pictionary/various learning games





Other:                                                                              Grading: 

·        Extra credit                                                                                                                                      90%-100%  A

- unused bathroom passes (for use on final exam grade)                                                                      80%-89%    B                                   

·        late work isn’t accepted for credit                                                                                                  70%-79%    C     

·        the Midterm exam and the Final exam are 20% of the semester grade                                        60%-69%    D     

·        quarter grades continue through to the end of the semester                                                       0%  -59%    F

·        I give temporary zeros until make-up work and tests done (excused absences only)

·        I try to give frequent updates on grades, but I don’t post

·       I will always return your phone calls & emails


C or better in Spanish 2 is required to advance to Spanish 3


Reaching me:


emails are recommended



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